What is Testing & Balancing?

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Air testing and balancing is a process that measures and adjusts the supply air distribution of a given HVAC system. The purpose of testing and balancing an HVAC system is to supply each conditioned zone with the precise amount of supply air required to offset a given heat gain (or loss).

The same process can be applied to hydronic systems, systems that circulate chilled or heated water to add or remove heat. Each water terminal, typically a coil, is adjusted to receive the precise quantity to deliver the results of the engineers design.

This process is typically performed after an HVAC system has been installed, but testing and balancing can be performed at any point in the life of a system.

Along with balancing the “flows” in a Mechanical system, a Testing and Balancing Technician will take readings to determine temperatures, pressures, rotation, and electrical flows.

The benefits of Testing & Balancing include:

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