Protecting Your Investment. Adding Value to Your Facility.

Every contractor working in your building is either adding value to it or subtracting value from it.

A commercial facility is a substantial investment. Constructing a quality facility will require hundreds of thousands of dollars for architecture, engineering and construction expenses. This same facility will require hundreds of thousands more dollars in operational costs and maintenance costs each year.

A commercial facility is a single structure consisting of many smaller systems. These smaller systems include but are not limited to structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems. These systems are designed to work in concert to achieve the design engineer’s intent: a safe and comfortable place for the occupants of that building.

When a contractor enters a building and makes modifications or repairs to one of these systems, he is either adding value by ensuring those modifications meet the original intent of the design engineer or he is subtracting value by modifying that system in a way that creates inefficiencies or hazards. These improper installations can lead to wasted money or risks to the occupants.

Tulsa Air Specialists believe that every invitation to work in a facility is an opportunity to add value to that facility for the owner and the occupants.

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